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What is your field of expertise as an entrepreneur? Do you build the world’s greatest widget? Have you made an incredible piece of software? Do you run an amazing medical practice? Whatever it is that you do, we bet you do it well! But does what you do have anything to do with why people come to you? Probably not.

Let us give you some examples of what we mean. If you are a bankruptcy attorney, do people come to you to file bankruptcy? Or do they go to you because they want relief from a crushing amount of debt? If you own a software company, do customers come to you because they love your code? Or do they go to you because you can save them 3 hours every week? If you’re a children’s dentist, do mothers bring their children to you because you do dental work? Or do they bring their children to you because they know you can relate to their child and can make a frightening experience less intimidating?

Community centered marketing will help customers find your brand and stay loyal

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The best part of working with Envision Solutions… it won’t cost you a thing!

Let us tell you a trick we’ve learned over the years… truly great marketing is free! Why is that? Because any agency worth their salt will bring in far more value to your company than what you pay them.

So yes, we are saying that a community-centered approach to marketing will not only pay for itself, but it will continue to add value to your business long after your initial investment is made. Pretty cool huh?