To blog… or not to blog: Is a blog a good choice for you?


If I told you about an investment that has made me ten times more money than what I have put into it over the past few years, would you be interested in learning more? I assume that at first you would be skeptical and would probably tune me out before even listening. I mean after all, that is entering into the realm of “too good to be true.” So what if I told you that I have not only personally seen those results, but that I have helped several other companies to see the same return on their investment? Then would you be interested? If so, read on.

In this post I want to take some time to talk a little bit about blogging. Yes blogging, the word that is almost universally dreaded by most business owners. If the thought of writing a company blog stresses you out, you and I have one more thing in common! Blogs take time and dedication to maintain. When you have a blog, customers expect it to be frequently updated and to contain information that will add value to their lives. (If you haven’t figured out where this is going, brace yourself!) But, blogging does not have to be a burden. If you would like to reap all of the benefits of a blog without any of the setbacks, we are always here to help as well.

Since you continued reading past the first 2 paragraphs, I am going to assume you are still interested in learning why a blog can be so valuable for your business. So allow me to let you in on a little secret… our blog is our best online resource. Our blog is used by our sales team as a tool to get a foot in the door with potential clients. Our posts are shared and spread across social media by both our clients and our social media team. Each article that we write positively influences our search engine optimization (SEO) and makes our site look more credible to search engines. The posts on the blog demonstrate our expertise and help those that we work with have confidence in our industry knowledge. We also use blog articles to train our new team members. And one more thing that we can add to our ever-growing list, we use it to share information with our clients that will make their lives easier (you probably fall into this category).

Now, let’s explore each of the above benefits in more detail.

Use your blog as a tool for your sales team

Whenever we first speak to a potential client (whether it be in person, on social media, or over the phone) we try to tell them about a blog post that they may find useful. This helps the individual see that we have information that can help make their life as a business owner a little bit easier. Assuming they actually read the suggested blog post, they will be able to understand why the particular topic relates to their business and will hopefully have the desire to implement the topic into their marketing strategy.

While they are reading our blog article, it is very likely they will either come across other articles that interest them or that they will visit our homepage. Once they are on the homepage, they will learn more about who we are and why we do what we do. They will likely relate to much of the content they read and will hopefully feel a sense of connection with us. Once our sales team follows up with them, most of the major sales obstacles have already been overcome and they can go right into talking about what we can do for the client.

Blog posts get spread like wildfire!

One of my favorite things about our blog is that it allows us to contribute useful information to the internet community. It is much easier to share a blog post about reasons to avoid pay-per-click (PPC) advertising over social media than it is to share a message about how great our company’s story is. One adds value to our clients’ lives, the other does not.

While it does take quite some time for a blog to gain traction and begin to spread, there is no stopping it once it does take off. Your clients will continue to find useful information from your posts for years to come. As they see that the information actually works, they will share it with their friends who may be interested (these are typically your ideal customers). Their friends will then share it with more friends and on and on.

Having a company blog will improve your search engine rankings

Having a blog will increase your search engine rankings

I don’t want to get into how search engine rankings are established in this post (although we would love to explain more if you get in touch with us), but essentially search engines have a mathematical equation they use to determine whether a website will be valuable to its viewers. The equation looks at hundreds of variables that will help the engine determine what the page is about and what search terms best describe the content.

Say for example I notice that there are a lot of Google searches performed each month for “How to maintain a Zigadeedook.” If I own a company that sells Zigadeedooks, I would want to write a blog post about maintaining them. Google would discover the post and would determine that it is indeed about Zigadeedook maintenance. Since my company is extremely credible in all things Zigadeedook, Google will trust the article and will share that in the search results (If you want to see what I mean, go ahead and Google “How to maintain a Zigadeedook”).

On a more practical example, let’s say I am an attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah. I could focus on optimizing my website for big search terms like “Attorney in Salt Lake City” that are extremely competitive and difficult to rank for. Or I could write dozens of blog posts that contain less competitive topics and keywords such as “How to file for divorce in Salt Lake County.” While the latter will certainly get far fewer searches per month, it will be much easier to get to page 1 going after those keywords than it would be to go after “Attorney in Salt Lake City.” Once your blog is well established, you will have dozens of search terms that you rank for that in aggregate make up a much higher search volume than a few highly competitive search terms.

Blog posts are a great way to show industry expertise

This one will hopefully be pretty straightforward. Let’s assume you are considering working with our team. It is probably also safe to assume that you are somewhat interested in blog writing otherwise you would not have made it this far into the article. By now you have probably already formed an opinion about whether maintaining a company blog is something you would like to do and whether our team (or at least me) knows anything that can help you. I suppose whether or not this post is effective in showing our industry expertise will be determined by your next step of action.

Using a blog is a great way to train employees

In many startup companies and smaller businesses, resources are quite limited when it comes to training new employees. Typically training is performed one on one and is often not very efficient. For example, I could take the time to explain to every new team member why blog writing is important… or I could have them read this post. Then my time with the new team member can be spent answering questions more closely related to their role and showing them how to do things not already covered in our blog.

On a side note, having a fresh set of eyes review your posts can also help reflect whether or not your articles are well written and easy to understand.

Blog posts can help customers simplify their lives

This one is hopefully pretty straightforward as well but each blog post you write should add value to your customers’ lives. In Envision’s case, we hope our posts make the process of marketing a small to medium sized business easier and less stressful. In the Zigadeedook example, I want to make sure my customers know how to get the best experience from their Zigadeedook so they will tell their friends about my company and encourage them to buy Zigadeedooks as well!

The best benefit of them all

I wanted to save my favorite reason for why you should write a company blog for last! My statement in the first couple paragraphs about the money I invested in my blog bringing me a tenfold investment is actually incorrect… it was a tenfold investment a year ago, but since then has turned into more of a fiftyfold investment. In the near future it will be a hundredfold investment and it will only grow exponentially from there.

When you invest money into your blog, that money will continue to work for you until the end of time. We still rely on posts that we wrote 6 months ago to find clients and drive sales today (and they do). Think about that in comparison to spending money on a printed coupon which will only end up in the trash can or in the best case scenario on top of someone’s fridge until they realize it is expired.


While maintaining a blog for your business can be very time consuming and stressful, it doesn’t have to be! If you would like to reap the rewards of having a blog but do not have the time nor the desire to write the posts, that is where we come in. When we write blog articles for our clients, we do not simply just write and post the article. We make sure they get the biggest bang for their buck by carefully researching which topics are likely to get the most exposure and have the greatest impact on their target market.

If you need help starting your blog, please feel free to get in touch with us with any questions!

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