The Beginners Guide to LinkedIn


Since LinkedIn’s launch in 2003, the site has grown considerably to include more than 364 million members in over 200 countries. It is the largest professional social network in the world and is available in over 20 languages. Besides being the third largest social networking website around the world, it is the best way to keep in contact with all of your professional contacts. LinkedIn isn’t just a social networking website, it’s a way to show your personal brand to the world and make valuable business connections. LinkedIn is focused on optimizing your resume and portfolio. Another reason to reinvigorate your profile is that LinkedIn profiles usually show up at the top of Google searches. Make sure your profile deserves the number one spot by following these simple tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile.

Transfer your resume

LinkedIn is great tool for job searching. Besides having a job board where you can search for any type of position, LinkedIn comes with a Resume Builder tool. Upload your experiences and LinkedIn will help you enhance your resume. LinkedIn can also help you make a beautiful printable resume to take to interviews and trade shows. Simply choose a template and LinkedIn will export a downloadable PDF file that you can print or email to prospective employers.

Make your portfolio visible

LinkedIn has a great feature that allows you to share your work through your profile. You can upload files such as PDF’s, Word docs and even PowerPoint presentations. Another way to showcase your portfolio through LinkedIn is by linking your blog or Facebook and Twitter accounts. Just make sure the content you share on those sites is relevant to the brand you want seen on LinkedIn

Have a great summary

Make your summary a top priority. The summary is the first thing that recruiters will read on your page. If it fails to grab their attention, you might lose a valuable opportunity. A great summary is usually at least 40 words and should accurately describe your skills, your experience and most importantly what you can do for your future employer. Tell them why they need you on their team.

Banish “buzzwords”

When beefing up your profile, make sure to avoid words like “creative,” “motivated,” and “driven.” The problem with these words is that everyone uses them to describe how passionate they are about their career. Because buzzwords like these are so overused, a profile containing them gets passed over by recruiters. Instead, describe yourself uniquely and accurately to get the best out of your profile. Use examples of your accomplishments and upload examples of your work as proof of your creativity and motivation.

Get endorsed for your skills

Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations and endorsements from people in your network. Just make sure they are people who know you and know your work to get the best out of the recommendations.

Make LinkedIn part of your routine.

Update your information at least once a month. Get rid of old and irrelevant information and target your profile to the job and image you want. Get rid of unnecessary information like marital status and personal interests.

Also update your profile picture once a year to keep it current and up to date. Make sure it is professional and not just a selfie from Facebook.


If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile yet, you are missing out on an important asset to promote yourself and your business. Follow this link to begin networking professionally online.

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