Like, Subscribe, and Buy: How to Use YouTube to Advertise Your Business

covering an event with a video camera

YouTube isn’t just for cute pet videos and people vlogging about their day – it’s also a great way to market your company. Besides being the largest video hosting service, YouTube is actually the second most popular search engine in terms of search volume. If you haven’t started promoting your business through videos, now is a great time to start. Keep reading for 3 different ways your company can use YouTube to strengthen your brand and increase your bottom line!

Use videos to build brand awareness

Use YouTube to show off your brand’s personality. You can build your brand by posting a series of ads that are creative and funny. GEICO does this with their “Unskippable” series.
This video series is simple but extremely engaging. This particular video has now surpassed 7 million views!

While we understand that not every business will have the resources to produce lengthy videos frequently, you can make a couple of smaller scale videos that let you interact with your viewer and build a rapport or relationship with your customer. You can share your product launches, event footages, and customer reviews or testimonials.

Use videos to increase sales

Videos offer you a great way to demonstrate your products to your customer. That way they can see how it works before they buy it. A few weeks ago I saw an ad for Williams-Sonoma’s Pineapple Slicer and wondered how it worked. So I did a quick YouTube search and found a video that Williams-Sonoma had uploaded that demonstrated how the slicer worked.

I was very happy that Williams-Sonoma was thoughtful enough to upload a video about their pineapple slicer. I was grateful that they established a relationship with me, as a customer and built my trust in their company and products. I’d never bought anything from Williams-Sonoma before the pineapple slicer but they’re one of the first places I check now if I need kitchenware.

If you’re selling software or something similar, having a video that shows the customer how to install or use it can be very valuable and shows the customer that you are putting their needs first. Adobe Photoshop is a fantastic example of effective video marketing. Their 2015 release of Photoshop CC is accompanied with a video that showcases all the new features the update has.

Seeing a video first about how a product works not only makes a customer excited to buy the product, it establishes a trusting relationship with the company.

Use videos to provide product/customer support

Much like making sales videos to promote your products, creating how-to videos can also be a great way to increase sales and improve the customer experience. Like the Adobe Photoshop example above, not only do they explain their newest features, Adobe shows you how to use them. You can also do Q&A’s where you answer customer specific questions. That way when a customer asks you a question, you can provide them with the video. They’ll love it! By posting solutions to common product problems, you’re showing your customers that you’re on the ball and ready to handle any questions they might have. The best part about videos is you can reduce the amount of customer support overhead by referring them to the instructional video you’ve made.

Videos are a great tool to strengthen your brand and generate buzz about your company. If you need help integrating videos into your marketing strategy, or if you need someone to create custom videos for your company, please feel free to contact us!

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