Learning to use Facebook Insights


If there is one thing a great business owner needs to know about Facebook, it’s how to interpret their data. Facebook has made it easy for businesses like yours to know how their social media marketing is going. They created a tool that you can use to see what’s really going on with your business page. It’s called Insights. If you’re not sure what we’re talking about then let’s take a walk to your Facebook page. If you’re already on your company page, great! Click the “…” button located on your cover photo in the lower corner. After you’ve done that, click “View Insights”. Now you’re all set to see how your page is doing! If you haven’t taken the tour of how Insights works, we would suggest doing so. If you click the “Help” tab and go to “Take Tour Again”, Facebook will walk you through the basics of Insights.

At first glance you can see your business page’s “Post Reach”, “Engagements”, and “Page Likes”. This will really give you an idea about how many people have liked your page in the last month, as well as how many news feeds your company’s page showed up on (page reach). As you scroll down the page you can see how your latest Facebook posts worked. Did your last post reach 2000 people’s news feed? From this section you can really tell if your word posts or your picture posts are doing better as well as lots of other statistics to help you understand how your social media marketing is going.


The “Posts” tab is probably one of the most useful tabs in our opinion. In this tab, under the “When Your Fans Are Online” section Facebook actually tells you when you should be posting your most relevant content. If all of your fans are usually online around 8pm then you know that’s when you should be posting. This also brings up another feature of Facebook. After you find out when your fans are online, set up an Automatic Posting system. That way you don’t actually have to be on Facebook to post when your fans are. This is one of the best ways to keep up on social media with just a little bit of planning.

Also under the “Posts” tab is a section called “Post Types”. This will give you great insight on which posts have been the most effective and which not so much. From our experience we have found good videos to be the most effective followed closely by photos, which if you think about it, you probably enjoy looking at a picture on Facebook more than reading a paragraph status update. We have our own statistics, but check yours out and see if you come to the same conclusion. Once you do, make your post adjustments accordingly. If your fans like photos, then maybe you should be sharing more picture posts.


Another tab, “Reach”, is a really useful tool to find out exactly how many people are seeing your posts. Unlike the stats you will see from the “Posts” tab, these numbers aren’t confined to the number of fans you have. If one of your fans like or shares your post, then one of their friends (who happens to not be your fan) will be able to see it on their news feed. Again, if they like or share it then now you have a friend of a friend of a fan seeing your post and potentially becoming a new fan of your company. So “Reach” is really important to keep in mind. For example you might post a paragraph status around 9 am and only reach 500 people, but when you posted a photo at 8 pm you can see your reach jump to 5000 people. This will give you so much more advantage than just posting for the fun of it. If you know how to use the “Reach” tab to your advantage, you will start to see tremendous growth on your page.


Finally the “PEOPLE” tab is an interesting tab to get you going. This tab is mainly used if you are targeting a specific group of people. Maybe you want to start selling your product to more people in Japan. This tab will give you the information you need to know, so you can start focusing your target groups. Maybe you are a cosmetics company and you have a lot of women customers but you want to start selling more products directed at men. Again this is the place to know if you are succeeding in that. Whether it be Language, City, Country, or Age you have the data you need to start targeting a specific group of people, and that’s powerful.

We hope you will use this great tool that Facebook has provided to help your own company with online social media marketing. We have used it, and it works. If you know how to use it, then you will be that much more powerful with your marketing strategy.

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