A Future of Innovation

A 3d image of four lamps and one shining luminescent lamp.

Thomas Edison, The Wright Brothers, Henry Ford. What do these names mean to you? What do they mean to the world? Whether or not you like what these innovators did for the world, it is plain to see that they significantly changed it. We see through their example that innovation doesn’t come from following the status quo.Innovation comes from thinking bigger and smarter than the past. So what will you do to make the next leap of innovation in your industry?

“The answer to innovation is not in the predictable.”

A TED talk given by Bill Ford, Executive Chair at Ford Motor Co., gives a good explanation about what innovation means to the automotive industry. Bill Ford talks about how his great grandfather, Henry Ford, had a goal to give the world the ability to move. He believed that “with mobility comes freedom and progress.” If you look at the world today, you can see that he fulfilled his goal ten-fold. Only 50 years ago the average person would never have the opportunity to go more than 25 miles from their home. Now the average person can travel hundreds or thousands of miles. How did Ford accomplish his goal? Ford stated, “If I had asked people then what they wanted, they would have answered, ‘We want faster horses.’” Ford showed the world that the answer to innovation is not found in the predictable. People didn’t know they wanted to fly until they were shown how. They didn’t know they wanted light bulbs until they couldn’t live without it. And they surely didn’t know they wanted the automobile until Ford made it possible for everyone to have a “faster horse.”

Your clients don’t know what they really want until you show them they want it. We created Envision to help companies see how their products can be the next step of innovation in their industry. Finding new solutions to help our clients be the change that they want to see in the world is what we live for.

How will you break the boundaries of innovation?

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