8 Powerful Reasons Why You Should be Writing a Blog For Your Business

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Blogging isn’t just for mommies and amateur diarists. In fact many business have blogs that they update regularly. Blogs are a cheap and great way to attract visitors and potential clients to your website. Here are 8 great reasons your company needs to start blogging immediately.

1. Blogs improve your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Blogs are great for Search Engine Optimization in two very important ways. The first is that regularly adding or changing the content on your site will cause it to better stand out to search engines. Search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Google love websites that consistently create useful content. Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide makes the point that “Creating compelling and useful content will likely influence your website more than any of the other factors discussed [in this guide].”

The second way blogging improves your search engine rankings is by giving you the opportunity to pepper in keywords in a natural environment. So when you are writing a blog for your business, identify keywords that your target market would be searching Google for and naturally (don’t just add keywords that don’t fit in the post) include those keywords in the titles, headings and body of your posts to get the best results.

2. Blogging makes your brand personal

When making the decision between your company and your competitors, people will most likely choose the one they feel most connected to. They will choose the company that has more personality and is more likable. Your blog can help you show your team’s personality and gives you the opportunity to build a meaningful relationship with your clients. People like to feel that they have a connected to the companies they buy from.

Blogging is also great way to show off your workforce. Take pictures of company parties, charities, and work or industry related information. An alarm company I used to work for would highlight an employee each month for going above and beyond to provide security for their clients. This was a great way to show appreciation for employees while showing the high standards your company brings to their clients.

3. Your blog shows clients you’re the expert/authority

Blogging is also a great way to show your clients why you’re a better option than your competitor. If your prices and quality are approximately the same as those of a competitor, make sure the client chooses you every time by showing them you are an authority in the field. Use blogs to show off your knowledge and experience by posting regularly about your industry. Have there been advances in technology or new trends in your industry? Show your clients that you are up to date by writing a blog post for your business about that topic. Not only are you contributing to the wealth of knowledge on the Internet, you are letting your clients know you are an expert and a reliable source in your industry.

4. Your blog content can get spread virally

A simple definition of viral marketing means to use tools such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to build word of mouth advertising and spread your message to the world. Blogs are a great way to generate that kind of buzz. Millions of people use Facebook and Twitter every day through their phones, computers and tablets. Take advantage of these platforms and save money and time by having your followers share your content for you. Viral marketing can save you a substantial amount of time by having your readers do most of the work for you. If one person on Facebook shares your post, chances are that 300 more people will have the opportunity to see your post and get redirected back to your website, increasing your traffic and search engine rankings.

5. Frequent blog updates keeps your website fresh and up to date

Blogging helps you keep your website fresh and up to date because you are constantly adding valuable content to your website. Like I mentioned previously, regularly updating and posting on your website will improve search engine rankings significantly. In a competitive market, clients are always on the lookout for websites and content that is up to date and informed. A well maintained blog helps you keep up with rising trends.
Keeping an eye on your blog also helps you keep an eye on your website making sure everything works well and is updated.

6. Blog posts increase traffic to your site

Your website’s traffic is determined by the number of people that visit your website in a certain period of time such as daily, weekly, or monthly. Getting more traffic or “hits” will help your potential for revenue rise. Besides ranking higher on search engines like mentioned above, a blog can help get people interested in your company and website. The only trick to this is to post consistently. Publish a blog weekly, or biweekly and keep to that schedule. That way people can begin to subscribe to your blog and get updates every time you publish. Don’t worry, you don’t have to churn out a 6000 word essay every week, instead follow the short and sweet rule. Just make sure the content is compelling and fun to read.

7. Your blog can help increase conversion rates

Every visitor you get on your website improves your chances of turning that hit into profit. Like I mentioned above, by having a blog you can increase traffic and increase the opportunity of turning that traffic into leads. Create content that answers any questions or challenges a prospective client might have. Blogs can also create a desire for your product that your customer didn’t even know they had. Every post you make on your website is a great opportunity to create new leads. Be sure to keep your language and use words that are familiar but authoritative.

8. Blogs help generate long term results

Blogs not only help you turn visitors into leads and improve conversion statistics, they help you maintain your relationship with your current clients. Instead of calling them every week and pitching them sales anecdotes, build trust in your company by demonstrating your expertise through blogs. Stay on their mind by creating valuable content and having your clients subscribe to your blog. This way your client begins to look forward to receiving your emails because you offer them something valuable for free: information. People like subscribing to blogs because they can look at them on their own time. The point of blogs is to attract new business, not force it by means of interruption.

Blogging tips to help you get started

Put your readers first

Use fun, engaging language that anyone can understand. Don’t get overly technical and be sure to keep things simple. Stories are a great way to draw your reader in and keep their interest. Like I mentioned above, pepper in SEO keywords so people can easily find what they need – On your website!

But most importantly, don’t waste the reader’s time. Make sure the information is relevant and valuable to anyone who reads your post.

Remember that frequency is just as important as quality

Blog frequently and consistently. Just make sure what you’re blogging is useful to the reader. If you’re worried about your writing skills, don’t worry! Writing will get better with practice and most readers will skim over minor errors.

Consider your format

Formatting is one of the most critical tools you have at your disposal to make your blog fantastic. How an article is formatted can significantly impact its readability. Break up your post into short paragraphs and headings to make it easier for people to read. Images can also help keep your reader’s attention.


You don’t have to feel the need to write every single day. Just set apart some time each week to write out a blog. Alternate between long informational blog posts and shorter, easy posts.

Offer a way for visitors to subscribe

You want your blog to reach as many people as possible right? Having visitors sign up for your email list or blog feed will make sure that they don’t miss a single post. Help them sign up by offering incentives like discounts, special offers or other perks. Subscriptions are the key to a successful blog.

Mix things up with vlogs and infographics

Using different mediums can be a pleasant change from just text blogs. A video blog or “vlog” can be just as effective as regular blog. Infographics can help make your ideas simpler by presenting them in a graphic or flowchart format.

The best thing about blogging for your business is anything you post will be on the Internet forever, bringing you new visitors and leads even years after a post was published. Blogging is a great way to inexpensively and efficiently market your company long term. Stay ahead of the competition by getting your creativity flowing and start writing!

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