5 Steps to Up Your Twitter Game


Twitter is a great platform for businesses to develop their brand and reach thousands of people. Twitter is such an important player in today’s social media driven world. According to the Android Play Store it has over a 100 million downloads. By using Twitter to engage with your customers you can easily reach millions of people. Just follow these 5 easy steps to spread the word about your business.

1.   Interact with your followers

People love Twitter because of the personal relationships they can have with their idols and favorite companies. Small interactions and responses to your followers go a long way. Favoring, or reposting (“retweeting” for social networking noobies) helps your business develop a personality and builds rapport with your customers. Especially now that Twitter’s design enables users to better follow conversations it is more and more important to actively interact with your followers. So consistently responding to tweets and engaging in conversations form the foundation to becoming more successful with Twitter.

2.   Tweet Happy Thoughts

Businesses use Twitter to develop their brand and develop relationships with their customers. When you’re positive with your tweets people are more likely to follow you. Business Insider cites that tweets with negative sentiments are the number one reason people stop following accounts. A positive brand and attitude helps grow your number of followers. So make sure to keep you tweets positive and in turn your followers happy.

3.   Limit Self-Promotion

Social media is about sharing content and engaging the audience. Use twitter to create relationships with followers as well as other businesses and services. This can increases your exposure to a much wider audience. Remember social media conversations are not the place for soulless direct marketing. Constant self-promotion only comes off as spammy. Don’t fill your timeline with advertisements and funding requests or you will lose followers. Follow the 80/20 rule: 80% of your tweets are informative and interesting 20% aimed at marketing.

4.   Use Hashtags correctly

On the 8th of September 2014 the frozen pizza company, DiGiorno, used the hashtag #WhyIStayed to make a casual joke. #WhyIStayed is used for women to open up about their experiences with domestic abuse and violent relationships. Unfortunately for DiGiorno they failed to read what the hashtag was about before using it. Although they immediately deleted the tweet, it quickly circulated around twitter and other social media platforms. Please remember that ten extra seconds to research a hashtag before using it and you’ll avoid pulling a DiGiorno.


5.   Stay Consistent with Your Content

When someone follows you on Twitter it’s because they share similar interests. Keep these valuable followers by making sure what you tweet is consistent in voice and topic. Find a few topics and tailor your posts to those subjects. Make sure that you maintain a social media presence by posting steadily and frequently.. Remember you’re developing a voice and a personality for your company.


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