5 Remedies to cope with entrepreneurial stress

Man at desk in shirt and tie holding his head and worrying about money and the economy.

If you are the owner of a business I am sure that what I am about to say will not surprise you: running a company can be EXTREMELY stressful! Trying to live up to our entrepreneurial dreams and leave our mark on the world often takes just about every ounce of energy that we have and several ounces that we never had to begin with. At times it seems that an additional 12 hours in the day would be an excellent solution to minimize our stress and to solve our problems. Sadly, I assume if we did have an additional 12 hours each day that we would fill that time with at least 18 more hours of activities.

So if adding additional time to the day is not an effective way to cope with stress, what is? Since beginning my company almost 2 years ago I have searched for several methods to help reduce the stress I experience as an entrepreneur. I call these solutions my “stress remedies” and whenever life seems unmanageable, I return to these principles to help get my life back on track.

Remedy 1. Remember your core values.

A core value is a value or philosophy that is at the base of either your business or your personal life. You remember these values in everything that you do and they can help motivate you to keep on fighting. Whether your values are integrity, knowledge, diligence, safety, excellence or creativity, you can find the same motivating power to keep moving forward as you found when you first started your business.

Remedy 2. Remember who inspires you.

Who is it that motivates you to keep fighting the good fight of life? Is it your family? An endeared coworker? Your clients? Yourself? No matter who it is, keep in mind the ones that motivate you and remember why you began your small business in the first place!

Remedy 3. Put your worries on paper (digital paper anyways).

I have found that keeping accurate records and notes has greatly helped me to minimize work related stress. I know that all the costs, bills, plans and all of the other information associated with our company are safely stowed in a filing cabinet (or more accurately cloud storage) where the filing cabinet can worry about them for me.

I also am a strong believer in putting all of my appointments and action items into my calendar. Once I input the appointments into my phone and set the appropriate reminders, I only need remember to keep my cell phone charged. Using applications that will sync your calendar to all of your electronic devices will also make this “remedy” more convenient.

Remedy 4. Find a hobby unrelated to your business.

This is one of my favorite remedies and key to success. By having an enjoyable hobby that has absolutely nothing to do with your business, you can make time for yourself and completely shift your thoughts away for a while. Think about this as a courtesy vacation to yourself!

Remedy 5. Have faith in the future.

You are an entrepreneur! You are wired for success and you will be able to accomplish your goals as long as you put fourth heroic effort and maintain a positive attitude. Keep pushing forward and realize that every person has multiple doors open for them in their lives and your next big break might just be around the next bend.

Thank you for checking out our insights page. Come back frequently for more tips that will help you propel your company forward in today’s competitive economy (and hopefully reduce stress in the process).

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