5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs A Strong Brand Now

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Don’t underestimate the power of brand. When people think about buying things online, they think of Amazon or eBay. Both Amazon and eBay have developed strong brands that prove their reliability and commitment to bringing customers a great experience. Great branding not only defines your company, it can inspire a positive emotional response from your customers when they see your logo or tagline. But is a brand really THAT important for a small business?

Improve Your Recognition

One of the most important elements of your brand is your logo. A professional logo is powerful and can help show your customers the vision you have for your company. Apple has the iconic bitten apple, Nike has the striking swoosh and Disney has the magical font we all recognize. Your logo needs to be recognizable by its colors, shape and even font. Having a great logo, tagline, or jingle will build your brand and make your company not only recognizable but also memorable.

Create Trust

People like businesses they are familiar with. Show your company’s trustworthiness with a good consistent brand. When you have a clear professional appearance, people are more willing to make purchases from your company because your brand shows them you are professional and responsible. For example, Apple has done a fantastic job of creating a loyal customer base. They have created a culture of Apple users. There are people who exclusively buy their computers, phones, and tablets from Apple because they love the way Apple makes them feel like they are part of an exclusive club. Your brand should build trust and sentiment with your customers and make them feel comfortable doing business with your company. In addition, when customers trust your brand, they will refer your company to others. People love to show off the brands the like. A strong brand can generate referrals and increase conversion.

Differentiate From Competitors

Your brand is the essence of your company, the soul, and the personality that attracts customers to you. A good brand will establish an emotional rapport with your customer and set you apart from your competitors in a good way. When making a choice between similar products and packaging, the choice can be difficult for a potential customer. Help them choose the right one with a strong, professional brand that is unique and dependable.

Inspire Your employees

A good brand does more than just create trust with your customers. A brand can give your employees purpose, direction, and pride. When you have a clear brand, it its easier for your employees to understand your mission and can motivate them to work hard to achieve the goals you have set. Having a style guide with set colors, font types and sizing options, will make it effortless for your employees to be consistent with your company’s image.

Build Your Company’s Value

Brands convey to consumers quality and credibility. A strong brand can guarantee future business and will make your company more valuable. People don’t buy companies for their products and employees. They buy the company because of the brand. In February of 2010 Kraft purchased Cadbury for $19.6 billion. Kraft didn’t buy Cadbury because they couldn’t find a decent chocolate recipe, they bought Cadbury’s name and brand. The recipes and factories aren’t worth $19.6 Billion but the wide base of customers who love and trust Cadbury is worth every cent.

While products and employees are a valuable and important part of your company, a powerful brand can make the difference between a floundering business and a successful business. A Brand is the spirit of your company. It identifies who you are and what your company stands for. It gives your employees direction and focus. Brands continue to be valuable long after products have become outdated. We at Envision are here to help you build a strong and lasting brand. Contact Envision at 801.436.7376 or fill out the form for our free marketing analysis to discover ways to strengthen your brand today!

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