3 Ideas For Your Million Dollar Fortune


After getting myself pumped up with Stanford podcasts and IEEE articles I realized that there are three industries that would be well worth looking into for the next 20-30 years. In order to succeed in business you have to think of a good idea that will occur 20-30 years into the future of the industry you choose. Listening to a podcast titled “Calling all entrepreneur heroes” had an epiphany that these three industries will make it big in the coming years.

First, The Final Frontier

In the next 20-30 years I believe that getting into the space industry will have jobs like no other before. SpaceX and Blue Origin are prime examples of this space industry explosion. With the recent announcement that SpaceX has sent up the first 3D printer into space, it opens the possibility to perhaps one day living there. With all these companies going into space more frequently, it makes the cost of going there much cheaper. 3D printing will also make the manufacturing of parts simpler and more efficient. Some scientists are even claiming to be able to use the asteroids as material for the printers thereby creating a production/manufacturing process completely done in space. So instead of labeling products as “Made in the U.S.A.” we might be seeing things that say “Made in Space.” So the potential of the space industry is still full scale, stronger than ever. If you find yourself there, you are sure to make it big.

Second, Communication

With the world growing closer and closer together there is much more opportunity for interaction with other languages and nationalities. The internet has created a world with no national boundaries and a lowering of language barriers. Communication is even being transferred to computers. Voice activation, for example, has gone bounds and leaps forward in technology. Look at Steven Hawking. We are able to take a signal from the brain and send it to a computer and transfer it into text that the rest of us can read. By taking this technology one step further we enter the brain to brain communication. IEEE posted an article about a company that has claimed to achieve brain to brain communication. Like Hawking’s brain to computer communication, instead of the computer we will be able to send a receive thoughts from others and communicate that way. Taking another angle at communication shows that we are close to achieving animal to human communication. Think about the possibilities that open up when we are able to communicate with the birds in the sky or the fish in the sea. So being in the communication industry in the next few years could be a very enriching field.

Third, is Travel

Now when I say travel you might be thinking of the innovative prowess of Elon Musk and his Tesla Motors company. This is definitely a great example of the improving technology of the travel industry, but to be honest the automobile is a very inefficient mode of transportation. In the next 20-30 years as we watch Amazon’s drone delivery system take root, we’ll be able to see how air travel can be achieved with weights of 1-2 lbs. Take that technology a few steps into the future and you might be able to envision a world of air flight as the main mode of transportation. One thing is for sure that any way you think about the current transportation system you will realize that more and more people will be on the roads to create gridlock and someone out there will create the new form of transportation and change the way the world thinks about transportation.

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