3 Great Facebook Features Everyone Needs to Know About


Facebook is the dominant social media network in the United States. Pew Research Center 71% of online adults use Facebook and 63% of those users visit the site at least once per day. These quick steps will show you how to utilize all the great features of Facebook.

1. Cover Photo Branding

Your cover photo is the large, horizontal image that sits at the top of your Facebook page. This should be an image that best represents your brand. For example Amazon Mom’s cover photo includes their tagline and a heartwarming image. Everything in their cover photo appeals to their key demographic: Moms.


Choosing a cover photo that demonstrates your brand not only helps you communicate more effectively to your demographic, it can also increase your Facebook “likability.”

2. Schedule Your Posts

Publishing after work hours and on weekends have been proven to be seen more.
According to study published by Trackmaven, after hours and weekend content sees a 25% increase in interaction. Also because of Facebook’s “schedule posts” feature you don’t have to spend your time off posting on social media Just go to your company’s page, click in your status update box and right next to the “Post” button there is a drop-down arrow. Expand the drop-down arrow and click “schedule post.” Put in the day and time you want that post to be published. You can schedule posts for up to 6 months from the time you created them Voila! Now you can spend your weekend with your family and relax.



3. #Hashtags

Twitter pioneered the Hashtags (#) as a way to group conversations together and because they have become so popular that they were incorporated into Facebook June 2014. Since then more and more people have been using hashtags to connect with a wider base of people on Facebook. Trackmaven reports that posts with hashtags have 60% more interactions than posts without. You don’t have to use them in every post, but use them strategically and correctly (http://www.envisionfocused.com/blog/5-steps-to-up-your-twitter-game/) to trending topics and include more people in conversation.

Measure your Effectiveness.

Facebook has a great tool for analyzing how well your page is doing. It’s located at the top of your company’s page. From there you can view the four helpful metrics about your page.



The first thing you see when you click the Insights tab is the overview page. This page links you to all your other metrics and shows you your page’s overall performance in the last 7 days.

Page Likes

Page Likes or Total Page Likes shows you how many people currently subscribe to your page. New Page Likes shows you the number of new people liked your page in the last 7 days. Page Likes also compares this 7 day period with the previous period to show you how fast your page is growing.

Post Reach

This page measures the number of people sees your content per day. It analyzes anything you post or share, even ads. Check this frequently so you can see what kinds of posts people like to see.


The Engagement tab shows you how many people liked, commented, shared, or in any way engaged with your posts in the last 7 days. If you just want to know the number of likes you get you can see each section individually.

Find out more about how Facebook can help you with branding by contacting Envision and we’ll help you create a social marketing strategy and strengthen your customer’s brand loyalty. We will help familiarize you with all the features of Facebook and it’s analytics to improve your relationships with your customers.

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